But even so, he asked the stranded Boholanos offshore not to think the province is insensitive to their need and longing to be brought home.

The provincial government has to date sent over P2 million to more than 1,500 individuals who reached out for crisis aid.

At the Capitol press conference this afternoon, Yap reiterated the “plan to eventually, when the time is right, bring them home.

“Bohol is processing readiness so that the LGUs are prepared once homecoming is allowed in the more proper time, he said.

The governor had this clearly understood: “Klarohon lang nako ha, dili pa nato sugdan ang pagpauli. Ang gisugdan nato mao ang pagpangandam.

“In a position letter signed by its president, Dr. Jeferson Ong, the Bohol Medical Society ((BMS) opposed the reentry of offshore Boholanos “at least before the end of May.

“The governor’s clarification effectively dismissed some inaccurate stories and false notions circulated online.

These include the untrue claim that the stranded Boholanos’ return is now allowed under the Oplan Exodus even if Bohol gets risk because of the rising COVID-19 cases in “hot zones” like Cebu and the national capital region.

While provincial homecoming is guided by Resolutions 18 and 22 of the national Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF), Yap said he has not given green light for stranded Boholanos to return.


Exodus is yet an oplan or operational plan, one of which intents is to prepare sufficient LGU facilities and capacitate healthcare management for the mandatory 14-day quarantine of the homecomers.

This is to ensure that Bohol is ready when time and condition are safe to warrant the reentry.Everyone should understand that the province will do at rate and volume following medical protocols which are consistent with its three objectives, Yap said.

These are to prevent local infection, prevent the spread of the virus, and strengthen the healthcare syatem.


The Governor said in the following weeks, the province will attend to its turn of food distribution, aids, and medicines to the most afflicted.

Another plan is to be crafted to keep the economy open and how to support the agriculture, fisheries, tourism, transport, and micro, small and medium enterprise ((MSME) sectors.

“We must return to the basics. Food and healthcare will be our focus,” Yap said.While the Bohol leader pressed to prevent COVID-19 from entering Bohol, he would want to ensure that families have food to eat and basic money to spend for their needs.

“We do not know how long this problem will persist, so we must plan for sustainable activities for months to come,” the governor said.

Since his community quarantine order exactly a month ago today, Bohol has stayed COVID19-free while there are now only 85 persons under monitoring (PUMs) from 9,312 then.

Yap urged: “Let us be patient. More than your understanding, we need your cooperation. Most of all, let us pray for each other and our nation.” Ven rebo Arigo